Welcome to our Distribution hub, where your artistic vision takes center stage on a global platform. Elevate your music, films, and creative endeavors to new heights with our tailored distribution solutions. Whether you're an emerging artist ready to conquer the industry or a seasoned producer seeking broader exposure, our comprehensive distribution services empower you to reach audiences around the world.

Unlock the potential of your creations as we seamlessly bridge the gap between your art and admirers, ensuring your work finds its rightful place on streaming platforms, online stores, and digital landscapes. Join a community of like-minded artists and creators who have discovered the ultimate avenue to showcase their talent and connect with fans who resonate deeply with their craft.

Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of artists and producers, and we are committed to ensuring your masterpiece not only receives the spotlight it deserves but also flourishes in the vast digital realm. Harness the power of our innovative distribution strategies and turn your creative dreams into a global reality. Together, let's shape the future of your artistry.

Embark on your distribution journey today and let your creativity reverberate across continents. Your art deserves nothing less than the world's stage – and that's exactly what we're here to provide. Let's get started.

Powerful Music Distribution

The gateway to expanding your musical reach begins here. Experience the excitement of sharing your music with a worldwide audience, without any distribution fees holding you back. Upload your tracks effortlessly, and let our distribution network propel your melodies to platforms that matter.

DSP Coverage

Elevate Your Reach with DSP Coverage and Cutting-Edge Features

Your artistic journey deserves a seamless bridge to more than 45 premier DSPs, magnifying your impact across a diverse digital landscape. It's not just about distribution; it's about elevating every facet of your creation.

Let your music radiate brilliance with our multi-format audio encoding, and enhance visual storytelling through ProRes cloud video encoding. Add depth to your work with lyrics inclusion, while our manual review process ensures your artistry remains pristine. Safeguard your creations with audio fingerprinting, protecting your genius with every note.

Dive into a treasure trove of tools, from a 30-second Ringtone Generator to TikTok Official Sound distribution, amplifying your presence across evolving social realms. With custom pricing and a dedicated online support system, your journey is guided by experts who understand your needs.

Navigate digital territories effortlessly, prevent misplaced deliveries with profile matching, and rest easy with our Territory exclusions feature. We're here to refine your distribution, ensuring your creativity transcends boundaries.

You'll also get free access to...

Exclusive Network

Unleash potential through unique Spotify playlists. Elevate exposure, reach new fans, and connect across genres, spotlighting talent on a global stage.


Boost exposure with Pre-save, Smart Links, and more. Streamline tasks, integrate platforms, and tap into expert guidance for effective promotion.


Elevate engagement through our Advertising Campaign Manager and fan email collection via pre-saves.

EXCALIBUR : Built for Excellence

Just as Excalibur's blade possessed an unmatched edge, Mamba Sounds Distribution offers you an unparalleled advantage in the fiercley competitive music landscape. 

Unlock the full potential of your music with the precision and artistry that only our distribution expertise can provide. 

Our legacy, like that of Excalibur's, becomes the timless legend shaping your musical journey, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of the industry. 

With Mamba Sounds Distribution as your Excalibur, you wield the tools to conquer new horizons, captivate audiences, and etch your name into the exclusive echelons of musical history.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your music and find out.




Artists submit their music for consideration. Our team reviews submissions, ensuring they align with our Afrobeats focus and quality standards. Selected artists are invited to the next phase.


We schedule an online consultation with chosen artists to discuss their creative vision, goals, and release strategy. Together, we plan the content enhancement, distribution, and promotional efforts to maximize impact.


With the strategy in place, we execute the release across DSPs through our OneRPM partnership. Our ongoing support includes monitoring performance, refining promotional strategies, and ensuring the artist's continuous growth and success.

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Music Distribution: How Do I Start?

If you're an aspiring artist seeking to connect with your audience upon releasing your musical creations, our music distribution services are your pathway to success. Delve into the world of music distribution with us to unveil how we can amplify your reach, enhance your presence, and engage your future fanbase. In essence, music distribution is the pivotal process through which your meticulously crafted music finds its way to influential music platforms, including major streaming services, radio channels, and advertising agencies. This strategic distribution empowers your potential listeners to discover, experience, and fall in love with your melodies. If you're navigating the industry and wondering, "How can I distribute my music?", our comprehensive guide is here to steer you in the right direction. We'll delve into the realm of digital music distribution, exploring options for independent artists, including the exciting realm of free music distribution services. As the global streaming revenue continues to soar, projected to reach remarkable heights this year, the opportunity to sell your music becomes more promising than ever. Seize this chance to tap into the future and cultivate an online fanbase that resonates with your artistry. The key lies in positioning your digital music distribution effectively. Keep reading to uncover how we can be your partners in this journey, propelling your music onto the grand stage of online recognition.

Music Distribution: How Does It Work?

The current landscape of music distribution has witnessed a remarkable shift towards digital ownership and streaming, a trend that has been unfolding consistently since the noughties. In this evolving climate, even for artists seeking to sell physical copies, the power of digital distribution through online marketplaces, encompassing both streaming and downloads, has eclipsed traditional physical sales in brick-and-mortar stores. For emerging talents seeking independent music distribution, digital distributors present an ideal avenue. This trend is poised to continue its growth trajectory, offering a cost-effective alternative to conventional record labels, which often entail substantial royalty deductions and binding exclusivity arrangements.

For those aligned with record labels, distribution responsibilities typically fall under the label's purview, often justifying the decision to sign a record contract. However, in the absence of such an arrangement, exploring the realm of independent music distribution companies becomes paramount. While embarking on a solo journey is plausible, partnering with a proficient music distributor streamlines the process, significantly enhancing the likelihood of success.

In today's dynamic landscape, streaming services have transitioned away from providing detailed instructions for artist uploads and instead prioritize submissions from registered distributors. The primary objective of music distribution services is to seamlessly position your music across major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal, alongside prominent digital music stores like Amazon and iTunes. Once your music graces these platforms, a steady stream of royalties awaits as your compositions are downloaded, streamed, and purchased. It's important to note that distinct platforms offer varying royalties per play, making it essential to explore our streaming royalties calculator for comprehensive insights.

As we navigate these transformative shifts, our music distribution platform stands as your steadfast ally, seamlessly connecting your artistry with the global audience it deserves. Embrace the digital wave, position your music strategically, and witness the rewards unfold as your melodies resonate across digital landscapes, propelling your journey to new heights.


Digital Delivery: Elevate Your Music's Reach

At Mamba Sounds, our state-of-the-art Digital Delivery ensures your music takes center stage on global platforms. Benefit from Free UPC and ISRC codes, granting your tracks distinct identity and seamless distribution. Reach massive audiences through Video distribution to prominent platforms like Apple and Tidal. Experience superior audio and visual quality with ProRes cloud video encoding and Music audio multi-format encoding. Add depth to your compositions with Lyrics inclusion, while our rigorous Manual review guarantees excellence. Safeguard your creations with Audio fingerprinting and tap into innovation with our 30-second Ringtone Generator. Embrace modern trends with TikTok Official Sound distribution, and customize pricing for downloads. Rely on our On-line technical support ticketing system for responsive assistance. Deliver to over 45 DSPs effortlessly, implement Hide previews during pre-order, and tailor releases with Territory exclusions. Our Artist profile match to Spotify, Apple, and Deezer ensures accurate deliveries, protecting your artistic integrity.

Promotional Marketing: Ignite Your Artistry's Presence

Discover our Promotional Marketing prowess at Mamba Sounds, designed to skyrocket your music's visibility. Engage fans early with our Pre-save Generator, equipped with insightful analytics. Simplify sharing with Smart Link Generator's analytics, while the Release Task Manager* keeps campaigns on track. Unleash impact with our Advertising Campaign Manager, optimizing reach and resonance. Seamlessly integrate with S4A and iTunes Connect for maximum exposure. Our Machine assisted project manager and Genre-focused project managers* fine-tune your strategies. Capture loyal followers by Collecting verified fan emails via pre-saves and secure distribution across platforms with the DSP Pitch form*. Elevate your presence and fan engagement through strategic promotions guided by our expertise.

Accounting: Streamline Your Finances

At Mamba Sounds, our comprehensive Accounting features ensure transparent and efficient financial management. Facilitate Royalty sharing and multiple splits among content owners seamlessly. Gain insights with Configurable Monthly Analytics and Custom reports by product type, artist, store, and more. Tailor accounting to your needs with Custom accounting configurations and Downloadable invoices. Track your earnings with precision through the Account balance ledger, empowering you with financial clarity and control.

Full Suite Analytics: Unveil Insights, Enhance Impact

Unlock a treasure trove of insights with Mamba Sounds' Full Suite Analytics. Monitor Playlist engagement and track Content ID usage with our Playlist Tracker and Content ID Tracker. Unleash the power of Customizable Daily trends data and charts, offering a real-time pulse of your music's impact. Dive into Demographic insights and Engagement data, understanding your audience intimately. Our Monthly Analytics and Geographic Heat Maps provide an all-encompassing view, shaping strategic decisions and propelling your music journey forward.

Direct-Fan-Marketing: Connect, Engage, Thrive

Connect directly with fans through Mamba Sounds' Direct-Fan-Marketing toolkit. Harness Influencer Campaigns and TikTok ad campaigns to amplify your reach across dynamic platforms. Ignite engagement with Social media activations and Email newsletters, nurturing a devoted fan base. Drive anticipation with Pre-save campaigns and elevate interaction through Contests, creating a holistic marketing strategy that resonates deeply with your audience.

Technical Support: Seamless Assistance, Every Step

Experience seamless technical support at Mamba Sounds. Our In-dashboard ticketing system ensures swift resolution for your queries and concerns. Manage Takedowns and implement Change requests effortlessly, maintaining your artistic vision and control. With our dedicated Technical Support, your music distribution journey remains smooth and hassle-free.